Interested in owning physical gold and silver, but would rather not keep it at home? Treasure Trust Vaults and security has relationships with the world’s finest professional storage services. These secure vault facilities are strategically located around the world and have excellent reputations.

100% Physically Allocated

With our storage partners, your metal will be kept on a 100% physically “allocated” basis. This means that your coins and bullion are physically present in the vault, held separately in your name, and not just represented by a certificate.

You can pick up your metals in person, or have them shipped to any domestic or international address (shipping & handling charges apply).



For clients wanting to store jewellery, collectables, documents, back up devices, bullion or other items, it is a simple process to set up a safety deposit box with us. We have a variety of box sizes available in both our state-of-the-art office safety deposit box vaults, and can provide insurance for the contents of your safety deposit box.

For clients wanting to store bullion exclusively, BRIXX Company Limited offers both safety deposit boxes in Switzerland and the United Kingdom based bullion depository for larger holdings. Both storage facilities provide fully allocated and segregated storage.



Fire Assay or Lead Collection Fire Assay remains the method of choice for quantitative gold determination. The fore assay flux mixture has been carefully formulated to optimise precious metal recovery in diverse mineralogical matrices.

Aqua Regia will digest many minerals, however, silicates and refractory minerals will remain largely undigested. Aqua regia is useful for grassroots exploration and as a screening tool. It is a cost effective way to analyse for gold and other elements.

BRIXX Company Limited mineral assay personnel are experts with years of mining and mineral industry experience, please contact us for more information.



Your business can’t afford to stand still and neither can your vessels. That’s why First Express Shipping pioneered ship supply services in the late 1990s to keep your vessels and cargo moving.

BRIXX's Ship Supply Service enables vessels to take on spares and provisions or embark/disembark personnel from the crew, surveyors to inspectors.

Multi-purpose fleet at strategic locations

Today, we offer round-the-clock offshore supply services using our own fleet of high-speed, air-conditioned supply and crew launches at strategic ship supply bases in the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Sri Lanka and Singapore.

Fast and safe, all operations are ISM and ISPS compliant and supported by STCW95-licensed ship supply staff and crew. Our Ship Supply teams also provide emergency response and incident management support.

Regular drills are conducted and rigorous training given to ensure that crew are fully conversant with HSSE procedures and ready to deal with any incident including spills, collisions, medical evacuations, groundings and fires.

Crew support services

Services at sea are just the start. BRIXX’s support extends onshore too where our dedicated crew desk takes care of crew welfare and provides “Meet and Greet” at airports for departing and arriving crew members.

BRIXX Company Limited applies state of the art technological solutions to improve efficiency during midstream processes while providing great services to our clients and for our partners worldwide